The Future of Luxury Resort Chat Bots

I’m putting a lot of bets on the table that we are just seeing the first wave of the chat bot era. I get the sense that we are soon going to be very very very use to having a conversation on a website or via social media with some type of bot related service.

If done right, it can actually be a great customer service experience, that doesn’t feel dry or boring. It can have personality and an actual user experience that leaves them with a memory that was fun, inviting and informative.

Facebook Messenger is now the #1 app in the United States and Canada, not to mention they own WhatsApp. When a player like Facebook is purchasing messenger apps that will allow bots, that should be a huge sign of the times to come.

A brand like a luxury resort has so many applications for bots it’s not even able to be calculated. A user could literally check open bookings and book straight from Messenger if designed correctly. For a luxury brand, it’s easy for the marketing director to thrive on the personal touch they can provide with a real person on the other end.

The truth is though – unless you hire someone to do nothing BUT run your live chat, it’s not possible for them to work 24/7 – 365 days a year. With a Messenger chat bot for your resort, it could easily handle all requests and then pass it off to a live person as needed.

You could show the property video, images of rooms, meet the staff, etc.

The best part is, Messenger has a 4-10x higher open rate then email so if you start building your messenger subscribers now, you can always reach back out to them later based on how you tag them and offer specials, or just create more brand awareness.

I believe you will start to see the larger luxury resort brands pushing out bots and you don’t want to be left behind, letting a potential guest feel left out in the cold vs. having a informative, fun and interactive conversation with your Messenger bot… while your staff is sleeping.

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